Welcome to Cheshirepedia


Cheshirepedia will provide comprehensive, accurate information about the town of Cheshire, Connecticut – its places, culture, institutions, significant events, and the people that shaped them.  The friendly electronic format is intended for use by students, teachers, researchers, and general information-seekers.  The website will have lively text accompanied by many images – maps, drawings, paintings and photos. Cheshirepedia will grow each month to include:

  • Coverage of significant people, events, places, institutions, flora/fauna, geology, and more, from 200 million years ago to the present.
  • Essays and entries on ethnic groups and communities throughout Cheshire’s history
  • Essays and entries on art, architecture, literature, performing arts, music, sports and popular culture.
  • Essays that add new perspective to issues and events.
  • Special sections for teachers and students.

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