Subject Matter 1


All entries should provide a clear and engaging description of the subject. Authors should try to write in a way that will appeal to readers while providing basic information and explaining significance. Many authors begin their entry with a “hook”– a sentence that grabs the reader’s attention. Because the Cheshirepedia will be a reference for general readers, students, and teachers, the entries should reach people with a range of ages and experience.

Categories for Entries

Biography: Begin with what field of endeavor, talent, or skill makes the person important to Cheshire (and perhaps more widely). Provide a brief outline of the person’s life with specific references to significant relationships to Cheshire’s history and culture.  What are the person’s principal accomplishments?  What are the person’s relationships to events, places, institutions, and organizations in Cheshire?  What is the person’s legacy?  What difference has the person made to Cheshire? Admiral Foote, Brian Leetch, Lillian Andrews, Frank Papandrea

Events: Describe the event and its time, location, and origin.  What part in Cheshire’s history did the event play?  What led up to it?  What organizations and individuals were connected with this event? Describe the aftermath of the event and its social, cultural or political consequences.  What is the event’s legacy? Cheshire Fair 1863, Eastern Airlines Crash 1946

Places: Describe the location of the place and its significance in Cheshire over time. To what and to whom is it related? What economic, social, political and spiritual importance does the place have for Cheshire (and perhaps the state of Connecticut)?  Naugatuck State Forest, Scott’s Rock

Institutions and Groups: Describe the background and development of the institution or group. What is the significance in Cheshire’s history and culture, including economic, social, political, spiritual, or aesthetic connections?  Cheshire Manufacturing Co.,The Cheshire Grange

Popular Culture: music, food, slang, sports, hangouts, pastimes, clothing The Farm Shop, Blackie’s Hotdogs, Muscle Cars

Nature/Environment: The editors welcome entries on topics such as volcanoes, soil, animals, plants, traprock, the natural landscape, weather including storms and floods; air quality, erosion, water quality, wastewater, etc. The Fragmentation of Our Forests

(Entries may sometimes combine a number of these topics: individuals, groups, crops, soils, weather events, places, animals, etc.)  Largest Apple Tree in the U.S., Blizzard of 1888.