Submitting an Entry/Essay


Attach your entry or essay and email to: [email protected]

Put the title of your work in the subject line. Please include your email address, mailing address and telephone number.

We are accepting submissions via snail mail as well.  Please include your mailing address and telephone number, and send your work to:


PO Box 433

Cheshire, CT 06410-0433

You will hear from the editors within 10 days. If your work is accepted for publication, you will receive a contract. Please sign and date the contract and return by snail mail.

If your entry should need minor editing, the editors will make the changes and mail you the edited version for your approval.

If your work should need substantial editing, the editors will return your entry or essay with suggestions on making the changes. You may then re-submit the piece for the editors’ approval. Upon approval of your work, the editors will notify you when your work will appear in the Encyclopedia.

Given the interactive nature of the Cheshirepedia, readers may react to your work when it appears online, including making suggestions for further changes.