Thanks to all of those who have helped Cheshirepedia grow and continue to grow to provide a website worthy of Cheshire’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

Special thanks go to Jim Barbour, Baltimore Consulting and the Cheshire, CT High School Class of 1984 for making the website finally become a reality!

And to those below who have provided support: whether it be financial, moral, just being there for us or any of the three combined:  cheers to you all!

Alexander & Grenon Chiropractic

Pat Archibald

Gerald Barker

Sally Bowman

Brian Brennan

Nancy Brunetti

David Calabro

Dan Chesanow

Sarah T. Clinton

Ann S. Collins

Connecticut Association of Schools

Eleanor DeVane

Jennifer and Andrew Fischer

Jessica and Jon Fischer

Brenda and Joe Finoia

Gloria Fournier

Patti Flynn-Harris

Elizabeth Fox

Caroline Greenwood

Charlie Greenwood

Jen and Steve Greenwood

Pat Guerard

Ron and Courtney Hansen

Karl Hartmann

Andrew Hitchcock

MaryEllen and Ed Kania

Cynthia Kleist

Andrew and John K. Knott, Attorneys at Law

Paul Laconte

Richard Lau

David Matson

Sandra Matson

Bill Meyerjack

Dodi and Mike Michaud

William Mulcahy of Aldrich, Perkins, Mulcahy & Heap CPAs

Christine Pittsley

Yann Poncin

Karl Randall

Richard Chevrolet, Inc.

David Schreiber

David Schrumm

Jerry Sitko

Timothy Slocum

Richard Smith

Chris Thompson

Matthew Tripp

Bob Wescott

Ann Marie Wozmak

Janice Yusza

Thanks to you all!

The Cheshirepedia Team: Ana Arellano, Diane Calabro, Jeanné Chesanow, Robert Chesanow, John Fournier, Ingeborg Venus

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