Choosing a Topic, Length of Entries and Essays


If you are thinking about writing an entry or essay, or sending in a suggestion for an entry or essay, please read the following.

The entries and essays in the Cheshirepedia will tell the full story of Cheshire and will include famous people as well as little-known people, places and events. The Cheshirepedia will not publish promotional materials for businesses or products. Genealogies or family histories will not be accepted for publication unless they meet the criteria listed below.

Here is a list of Criteria to help you decide if your suggestion for an entry or essay might be suitable for the Cheshirepedia.

Does the suggested entry…

Have a strong connection to Cheshire?

Tell the story of a Cheshire person or group’s national or international accomplishment or recognition?

Describe events that were pivotal in Cheshire’s history?

Contribute to Cheshire life or culture?

Embody something unique or use a fresh approach to a topic?

Bring to life the spirit of our town, or of a certain time or place?


Length of Entries

Mini Entries 250-499 words

Short entries: 500-699 words

Medium Entries: 700-899 words

`    Large Entries: 900-1500 words (longer entries will be considered)

Rumor and Hearsay items can be shorter than 250 words.

Length of Essays

1500+ words depending on subject matter.  Some essays could be longer such as those that describe and analyze the events, actions, reactions, changes in lifestyle and thinking over a long time period such as a decade, or wartime, or economic boom or decline. More photos and/or maps would be needed to accompany such works.