Cheshirepedia Style Sheet

  1. In general, encyclopedia entries should follow the recommendations of the Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.)
  2. Acronyms and abbreviations should be defined, unless they are well known (such as FBI) or in the dictionary.
  3. Quotes should include an in-text citation (with page numbers) to the original source.
  4. Your entry should not include footnotes or endnotes.
  5. Avoid sex-specific terminology and the use of man or men as a generic term for human being.
  6. Avoid male or female pronouns to describe individuals or people in general and use third person plural (e.g. their) whenever possible.
  7. Please give an individual’s full name including initials on first usage. Thereafter, refer to both men and women by their last name.
  8. Double-spacing should be used.
  9. No automatic hyphenation.
  10. Spelling should be in American-style English. Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is  recommended.
  11. For  Further Reading and References, use the following format:

     Book: Kelly, Michael R. Cheshire’s First Catholics, Cambridge. Cambridge University Press, 1877.

     Book (two authors): Cone, J.D., and S.L. Stewart. Stories of Cheshire Farmers. New Haven. Yale University Press. 1931.

     Journal or newspaper article:  Cornell, Edith.Lock 12 Attracts Visitor to Cheshire.” New Haven Register, November 09, 1980.

     Chapter in a book: Smith, Nettie. “Life in Cheshirein Aftermath of the Civil War, edited by John Hall, 461-491. New York, Macmillan Press, 1872.

     Editor of a book: Moore, Muriel, ed. Old Cheshire Folktales. Cheshire. Self-published. 1799.

     Online: Uttal, Will. “How to Submit Entries” Authors’ Guidelines (Online) Available: http:/

Please avoid:

  • Bias, opinion, promotion, personal feelings (except in essays and oral history)
  • Bulleted lists
  • Ending the entry with a summary.
  • Use of the first person
  • Numerous quotations and in-text citations
  • Rhetorical questions