Subject Matter 2


Essays: compositions — usually analytic, speculative, or interpretative — conveying a point of view on any topic pertinent to Cheshire.  Slavery in Cheshire

Rumor and Hearsay: Interesting, puzzling, or humorous snippets and stories passed along from person to person as part of the folklore of Cheshire.  How Honeypot Brook Got its Name, “French Village”

Open Entries O

Sometimes there is enough information to write briefly, in an interesting way, about a topic which is relatively unknown or unexplored.   Authors who wish to submit an entry which they know to be incomplete may do so with the understanding that it will be an “Open Entry.” Other authors may add to this entry if they have information on the topic.  If you see the symbol O next to an entry, it is accurate as it stands but is still open for expansion as new facts are discovered.

Readers, if you know more about the topic, please propose a change for the entry.  Your suggestion will be checked and, if accepted, will be added to the entry with credit given to you as an additional author. (See how to Suggest a Correction under Get Involved on the Home Page.)

Oral History

If the source of information is a person who is relating experiences or events from his own life, this is oral history.  This history telling may also contain errors but again this may be the only source of information on this topic.  Under Sources, list the writer of the account, and the source of the information.  Also include your source’s signature: Printed by permission of ________. When writing an encyclopedia entry about a topic, the sole source of which is HEARSAY or ORAL HISTORY, try to find more sources.  Look in property deeds, census records, street directories, birth certificates, or other records (many of which are online) to make this entry more verifiable.  When you have found out as much as you can, then write the entry, listing your sources.