Mission Statement

Cheshirepedia will provide comprehensive, accurate information about the town of Cheshire, CT – its places, culture, institutions, significant events, and the people that shaped them. The user-friendly electronic format is intended for use by students, teachers, researchers, and general information-seekers.

Project Description

Cheshirepedia.org is a comprehensive and authoritative compendium of information about Cheshire’s history and culture, presented with lively text accompanied by many images-maps, drawings, paintings, and photos. The Cheshirepedia will grow each month to include:

  • Coverage of significant people, events, places, institutions, flora/fauna, geology, and more, from 200 million years ago to the present.
  • Essays and entries on ethnic groups and communities throughout Cheshire’s history.
  • Essays and entries on art, architecture, literature, performing arts, music, sports and popular culture.
  • Essays that add new perspective to issues and events.
  • Special sections for teachers and students-a resource of writing papers.

Cheshirepedia has an experienced editorial board, assisted by a staff of able reviewers. All entries and essays are written by knowledgeable authors, reviewed thoroughly by the editors, and fact-checked to ensure accuracy. The website will grow each month, providing new entries and resources and describing ways for all readers to contribute.

Cheshire’s history and culture are dynamic, and the online encyclopedia is designed to expand and grow as new material is developed and new web-based features are created. Through its website and in classrooms and libraries, the Cheshirepedia will be the authoriative and creative resource for all things Cheshire.

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: Robert Chesanow

Acquisitions & Images Editor: Ana Maria Arellano

Editor/Webmaster: Diane Calabro

Editor and Reviewer: John Fournier

Editor/Liaison to the Board of Directors: Jeanné Chesanow

Copy Editor: Ingeborg Venus

Board of Directors, Cheshirepedia, Inc

Cheshirepedia, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization, a non-profit group which operates to serve the public good.  It derives its operating expenses from donations, grants, and fundraisers.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Board of Directors

President: John Fournier

Vice-President: Jeanné Chesanow
Treasurer: Robert Chesanow
Secretary: Diane Calabro


Thanks for those who have helped Cheshirepedia become a reality!